A healthy body and a healthy mind start with healthy cells

As we age, our cell's ability to effectively use the oxygen in the air we breathe drops dramatically. Activated Air was developed by European scientists to combat this drop in efficiency and to help us keep our cellular energy production in top shape. Why?

Because doctors and wellness professionals know that optimized cellular energy production…

· Improves our overall health and quality of life.
· Reduces age-related diseases and disorders.
· Optimizes cellular regeneration.
· Improves our ability to focus and concentrate.
· Maximizes our ability to draw nutrition from food.
· Improves athletic performance.
· Shortens recovery times.

Activated Air is used by doctors and clinics around the world who treat the causes of illnesses and disorders by improving your body's ability to draw energy from oxygen.

In fact, Activated Air is even used by Olympic level athletes to give them the energy and efficient metabolism they need to perform at their best.

Activated Air is extremely easy to use. Simply sit back, relax, and breathe through the nasal cannula. Users report improvements in their well being and level of energy even using Activated Air for just 20 minutes per day, 3 days per week.

Mitochondria: The Body's Power Plant

The human body is made up of more than 10 billion individual cells, each powered by energy producing mitochondria fueled by oxygen. The better and more efficiently the mitochondria in our cells are functioning, the healthier, more active, and more energetic we are.

Unfortunately, as we age, excessive amounts of free radicals build up in our bodies and cause real and lasting damage to our cells. Free radicals are a natural bi-product of cellular respiration. But, over time, our bodies can become absolutely polluted with them. They age our cells, causing a variety of diseases and disorders and drastically cutting down on our ability to draw energy and power from the air we breathe.

Activated Air mimics a natural process that triggers rejuvenation in our cells, optimizes our body's production of energy and improves both your health and physical performance.

Optimizing the cell's ability to produce energy (ATP) is the best protection against illness and the effects of aging.

What separates Activated Air from traditional Oxygen Therapy?

While oxygen therapy, such as that found in oxygen bars, will give you a boost in energy, it has no long-term positive effect on your health. Activated Air improves your body's ability to use the oxygen you're already breathing and cuts down on free radical pollution that - doctors say - causes a variety of diseases and even aging itself.

Activated Air Versus Oxygen Therapy
Activated Air
Oxygen Therapy

 Increased energy production

 Provides lasting benefit with higher energy levels

 Inhaled air maintains the natural oxygen concentration of 21%

 Does not exceed the body's natural limit for oxygen intake

 Revitalizes oxygen utilization by the cells

 Increases antioxidant capacity

 Eliminates free radicals at place of origin (may protect DNA)

 Does not produce additional free radicals (may damage DNA)

















Oxygen therapy applied through inhalation (including oxygen bars and hyperbolic chambers) exposes the body to unnatural concentrations of oxygen. Instead of the normal 21%, concentrations of 30% to 100% are introduced during treatments. This increases the production of free radicals and can damage cells. The risks associated with increased free radical production are well documented.

I'm on medication. Is there any danger of Activated Air adversely reacting with my treatment?

Activated Air is completely natural and contains no chemicals or drugs or any kind. Please ask your doctor about how improved cell metabolism could lead to more efficient utilization of your medications.

Can Activated Air really improve my physical performance?

European athletes have been relying on - and raving about - Activated Air for years. In fact, Activated Air is a standard part of the training regime for a large number of professional and Olympic level athletes.

What are doctors and users saying about Activated Air?

"We have repeat patients who basically demand this treatment whenever they are here."
- Dr. Klaus Huber, M.D.

"Activated Air has been very beneficial for my clients - life changing for some."
- Dr. Jerry Schwartz, N.D.

"The application study showed only positive results and experiences in the case of patients
with acute and chronic illnesses."
- Dr. Klaus Schluter, M.D.

"…the post-operative treatment phase has shortened dramatically."
- Dr. Rolf Briant, Dentist

"All aspects of my life were improved…It works and I do not put anything unnatural into my body."
- Shera Delain

"My doctor told me to use Activated Air and my improvement was so remarkable that I bought
a device for home use."
- Fred Klan

"My entire condition has improved considerably and my work, which constantly demands high
performance from me, has become easier. …my sporting performance has improved noticeably."

- Gernot Wappenhans

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