De-Skunking Recipe
This helpful tip comes from one of our clients,
Tracy Bagnall-LLoyd

If your dog or cat has been sprayed by a skunk, this recipe works far better than anything sold at pet stores. Tomato juice also does not work, I've tried.

1. Mix 4 cups hydrogen peroxide with 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1 teaspoon dish-washing soap.

2. Put cotton balls in your pets ears to protect the inner-ear tissue from the cleaning mixture, which can easily drip in.

3. Wash pet with the above solution a couple of times and rinse. Heavy spray may take a 3rd time.

Hope you never have the need, but this works well.

A skunk's only defense is a familiar noxious odor created by a sulfuric acid that can be "fired" from either of two independently operating anal glands. Contrary to popular myth, striped skunks cannot spray over their backs. However, spotted skunks do have the unique ability to spray while doing a handstand. Skunks have a limited supply of ammunition; they don't waste their defensive spray, because they can't "reload" very quickly. Instead, they stamp their front feet as a warning when threatened, giving ample opportunity for an intruder to back off.

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