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You share your home and your love with them,
now share your perfume with your Cat!

Oh My Cat! is the first ever top-of-the-line, selective fragrances for cats of all breeds and genders. It can also be shared by men and women, pet-owners and non-pet owners. Oh My Cat! is another way to bring cats, and humans together.

Developed by Paris-based Dog Generation, founded by former Givenchy executives, these divine eau de toilette sprays come in lovely designer bottles shaped like traditional studded collars and also feature tags by a well-known jeweler from the prestigious Place Vendome in Paris. Easy to remove, they can be engraved with your pet's name, or you can even wear them yourself! These fragrances were created with the same care as a child's perfume and rigorously tested for safety and non-toxicity for cats and humans by Cosmepar Laboratories, a cosmetic laboratory, working in conjunction with Maisons-Alfort Veterinary School .

Spray Oh My Cat! onto, the soft cloth, which comes included. Each fragrance comes in an elegant 50 ml spray and 7 ml mini bottle.

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