At last, the public, veterinarians, and scientists are looking to commercial pet food as the possible cause of cat and dog illness. The public (through the media) has been led to believe it's just some tainted foods which have been recalled. The truth is that the practices of the pet food industry, as it is today, make it impossible to guarantee product safety, as well as proper nutrition.

On March 16, 2007, Canada-based Menu Foods initiated a voluntary recall of 60 million units of dog and cat food packaged in cans and pouches. The recall was initiated when 10 animals (9 cats and 1 dog) died from renal failure caused by the foods ( lists current recalled items). The original numbers are from Menu Foods own taste testing groups! The general public's pet illnesses and losses, according to Banfield as of April 9th (a national chain of veterinary clinics), claim 39,000 animals seen by their clinics have been affected (Associated Press). America's pet population is estimated at 60 million dogs and 70 million cats. The number of casualties will only continue to grow (see press release from the ASPCA, ). What is so tragic is that an actual tally of pets affected by commercial pet foods will probably never be discerned!

The urgency of this matter cannot be stressed enough. If your pet has been eating any of the recalled products (over 100 brands - a constantly updated list can be found at, even if he/she is not sick, it is advised to take them to the vet for blood testing, as vets are finding abnormal results in normal-appearing animals. Prompt treatment is critical. Symptoms of illness include poor appetite, refusal to eat, lethargy, weakness, increased thirst, increased salivation, breath smells of ammonia, blood in urine. Also, some symptoms take time to develop. Get a head start now!

Perhaps you have lost a pet due to some unknown cause recently. Their commercial pet food could have been the culprit. You may report an incident to Please don't believe your dry food is safe. The internet is buzzing with dry food caused illnesses and deaths. Many dry foods, biscuits, and treats have been added to the lists of recalled foods.

Rice gluten (USA TODAY) and corn gluten (SAPA) have now been added to the cascade of ingredients in recalled foods, including Natural Balance dry food manufactured at Diamond Foods, Inc., and Menu Foods continues to add more foods to its list.

The blame, initially, was placed on aminopterin, an anti-cancer drug/rat poison that can cause kidney failure in large doses and is known to be toxic to the liver, gastrointestinal system, bone marrow, nervous system, and skin. Children with leukemia have been treated with this drug for sometime. Before discussing aminopterin, it's very interesting to note that the Animal Health Diagnostic Center of Cornell University had researched as possible culprits and ruled out ethylene glycol, cholecalciferol (vitamin D), other glycols including diethylene glycol, propylene glycol (also used to de-ice airplane wings), heavy metals, ochratoxin, several solvents and cleaning products known to be used on the machinery used in the production of these foods, and several pesticides. Wow, these are only a few of the potential hazards! For more scary info, please check out the report by the Animal Protection Institute.

March 30, 2007 it was reported that the recalled pet foods contain a chemical called melamine, which is used to make plastic kitchen wares and used in Asia as a fertilizer. The FDA said it found melamine in samples of the Menu Foods pet food, as well as in wheat gluten used as an ingredient in the wet-style products. The chemical was also detected in the urine of sick cats, as well as in the kidney of one cat that died after eating the company's wet food. In a news conference, FDA officials said that the apparently melamine-contaminated wheat gluten was also shipped to a company that manufacturers dry pet food, but they would not name the company.

With the reports of rice and corn gluten contaminated with melamine, we have to wonder what happened to the rat poison that Cornell detected. There are additional reports that shelves in various locations have been restocked with recalled foods. We're also learning about hogs that were fed contaminated feed purchased as salvage from Diamond Foods (MSNBC News Services)!

Truth be known, even if the pet food manufacturers ground up New Zealand spring lamb and fresh peas and carrots, it's still cooked, preserved with something, processed, extruded, bagged and canned, and the pallets of dry food at the warehouse are sprayed with insecticide to kill the protein-eating parasites!

Where will it all end?

Only when you take control of your pet's nutrition!


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